Customs By Eddie Paul is a specialty division of E.P. Industries, Inc., recognized as the number one facility in the industry for fabricating "hero" vehicles, stunt vehicles, show vehicles, duplicate/back-up vehicles, props and special effects under extreme deadlines for all of Hollywood’s major film and television studios. We’re the ones who built the cars and effects for the productions listed below.
In addition to our high-profile studio and automotive work, Customs By Eddie Paul produces a series of How-To DVDs and videos geared for the do-it-yourself automotive enthusiast and mechanic, and we are also publishing under contract with KP Books of Iola WI and Motorbooks International, a series of tech-oriented books. We have the following four titles in bookstores across the U.S. and Europe:
Eddie Paul’s Custom Bodywork (KP Books)
• The Cars of the Fast and the Furious (Motorbooks Intl.)
• How To Build the Cars of The Fast and the Furious (Motorbooks Intl.)
• Eddie Paul’s Extreme Chopper Building (KP Books)
• Eddie Paul’s Basic Paint & Bodywork Handbook (KP Books
Upcoming titles:
The Field Guide To Tools (KP Books)
• Metal Fabrication Tools and Techniques (Motorbooks Intl.)
• How-To: Working With Fiberglass, Carbon-Fiber, and Plastics
• Eddie Paul’s Custom Painting (KP Books)
• The Making of a Movie Car

About E.P. Industries, Inc.
A constantly growing number of aftermarket companies, tool and equipment manufacturers and retailers are currently working with us to promote their products through placement in our facility and on the vehicles that we build. These companies include Porsche, Boss Hoss Motorcycles, Snap-on Tools, Esab Welding Equipment, PlasmaCAM, Hypertherm, 3M Company, Evercoat/Fiberglass, PPG, Dupont, BASF, Ingersoll Rand, Bosch Tools, Devilbiss/Binks Auto Refinishing, House of Kolor, SEM, Chicago Pneumatic, Bend-Pak/Ranger, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Milwaukee Tools, Holley Performance Parts, Comp Cams, Sata, Sharpe Manufacturing, Stanley/Vidmar and many more.
E.P. Industries specializes in the design, development, prototyping and manufacture of many non-automotive technologies for the government, fire-fighting, U.S. Military, and aerospace industries. In addition to our complete automotive capabilities, our 25,000 sq. ft. facility includes 15 CNC work stations, CNC router, CNC plasma-cutting, 3-D digitizing, metal fabrication and welding shop, plastics and woodworking, vacuum-forming, and state-of-the-art digital animation, digital photography, video production and editing.

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  • Created the real life, working versions of the cars from the Disney/PIXAR  movie CARS. 

.Leather Heads

  • Built three replica 1918 Indian motorcycles in less than three weeks using only components that were fabricated in my shop.


  • Built seven body kits in two weeks converting a regular taxi into a NASCAR-style racer.

2Fast 2Furious

  • Modified and customized over 200 stunt and picture cars in two months.  The cars were used in all of the main and race scenes.
  • Authored and shot photos for “The Cars of the Fast and Furious, 2Fast 2Furious” published by Motorbooks International under license from Universal Studios. It has since become Motorbooks’ best selling release ever, over 70,000 sold.                           

xXx with Vin Diesel

  • Built the six GTO’s used in the film as well as designing the suspension systems for stunts. Also built two jeeps.

The Fast and the Furious

  • Modified and customized 86 stunt cars in one month. The cars were used in all of the race scenes.

The Mask of Zorro

  • Constructed two full-size horses to jump off a high bridge and land in water.  These horses are fully animated with mechanical and pneumatic controls.  Fabricated an animatronic horse heads and legs for stunts. Also designed and built 100 propane torches for the movie as well as special swords and whips.


  • Restored and customized 48 vintage cars in two weeks, including main stunt cars for race sequence.  Fabricated flame-thrower exhaust pipes for custom black Mercury.


  • Built the special Ford van for the E.T. rescue scene.


  • Designed and built all motorcycles used in the film, including the 400-cubic inch 3-wheeler I rode in the film doubling one of the actors. Taught all of the actors how to ride Harleys. Stunt Coordinator and liaison between producers and actual bikers used in the film.


Back to the Future

  • Built and rigged several time traveling Delorians.


Wild at Heart

  • Special effects. Fabricated hands, head, and arms to be shot off.

Against all Odds

  • Rigged picture cars (Porsche 911 and Ferrari 308) for stunts and high-speed driving. Designed suspension for 20-foot jumps, rebuilt cars damaged in stunt sequences overnight.

Gone in 60 Seconds (Original)

  • Driving stunts.  Performed transfers: bike to car, car to bike, car to helicopter, copter to bike. Over 300 stunt crashes performed in film.

Gone in 60 Seconds II

  • Stunt Coordinator / Second Unit Director. Designed, built, operated air-powered robots to drive cars for high-speed jumps and an 80mph collision.

Nightmare on Elm Street V

  • All major special effects and 80% of small special effects.  Built process trucks, shot actor through windshield, designed and built 16-foot air ram that turned church inside out, built large flood tank for shower shot.


  • Designed and built Stallone’s chop-topped Mercury and four identical backups for main chase scene.  Custom suspension, full 10-point roll cages, supercharged, nitrous oxide-injected 350 motors. The five vehicles were completed in two weeks.


  • Built custom 1967 Mustang and identical backup; rigged the Mustangs for jumps, crashes, and stunts. Designed sub-suspension for three Volvos to perform long jumps without damage.

Remo Williams

  • Designed/built/operated 8-foot high, 4-wheeled Robot.

Streets of Fire

  • Motorcycle Gang Liaison; choreographed and performed stunts on bikes.  Designed and built all bikes; taught actors to ride motorcycles. Built custom convertible Mercury with backup. 

Ice Pirates

  • Designed and built 60-foot battle-craft; performed all stunts involving battle craft. Also built six futuristic motorcycles and police cars.

Casual Sex

  • Stunt Coordinator. Minor car stunts. Water/boat safety and some F/X rigging.

Heart Like a Wheel

  • Custom painted drag race cars.  Restored damaged during filming.

Best of Times

  • Designed and painted custom van and worked as a consultant on film.

Miracle Mile

  • Performed car and motorcycle stunts, fights, and falls.

Walking Tall

  • Built two stunt cars

Soylent Green

  • Designed and built two stunt cars. Rigged large truck to lose wheel and crash.

Alcatraz – The Whole Shocking Story

  • Built replica of vintage paddy wagon.

The Junkman

  • Stunt Coordinator. Car, truck and motorcycle flips, rollovers, jumps, high-speed chases.

13 O’clock

  • Stunt Coordinator / Second Unit Director. Car flips, slides, explosions. Performed high-speed chases, U-turns, reverse driving in limousine.

Crash and Burn

  • Stunt Coordinator / Second Unit Director. Designed wedge ramp, coordinated and performed head-on collisions (50 mph), rigged 5-ton truck to drive off a 7-story building, flip, and land on five cars. Jumped motorcycle through window of exploding house.

Wizard of Speed and Time

  • Designed and built suitcase that sprouts wheels, headlamps, and  handlebars.  Suitcase takes driver more than 40 mph for a major chase sequence.

Mom and Dad Save the World

  • Designed, built, and drove 45-foot by 20-foot by 10-foot 30,000 pound “Death Cart.”

  Monkey Business

  • Built 40-foot drive-able trailer for stunt sequence with monkey.

TV Shows

Shark Week

  • Designed and built two mechanical turtles and six pair of false legs.

The Mind of a Demon

  • Designed and built a 14-foot long mechanical Great White Shark submarine allowing Fabien Cousteau to swim with sharks safely. The faux shark is entirely self-contained and swims using a SCUBA tank to drive the pneumatic “muscles”.


  • In a TV show based on my shop in El Segundo, I designed and lead the build team to create a fully functional custom motocross bike for Travis Pastrana. Also customized and refurbished a 1950 Mercury that had been used in the movie “Cobra”.


Monster Games

  • Co-designed and lead the build teams for four of the seven machines designed to shatter Olympic records in one week. Also set the record for finishing early.

Monster Garage

  • Worked on Monster Garage for a week as a designer and a builder, the job was to build a shark cage on a pontoon boat for Jesse James that was aired during Shark Week.

Monster House

  •   Worked as a builder and designer for a week turning an average house into an undersea adventure for Shark Week. Was the first build team to finish two days early in the show’s history.

Power Rangers Time Force

  • Built the Quantum Strata Cycle used by the Power Rangers on the Fox Kids television series. The Quantum Strata Cycle transforms from bike mode to flight (plane) mode.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

  • Scenes of Saban’s direct-to-video Power Rangers release were enhanced with Circlescan 4D. (Eddie’s patent)  Part of a McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion.

Cousteau Series Specials

  • During seven years with the Cousteaus, performed underwater filming, lighting.  Designed, built, operated mechanical 10-foot great white shark to swim with real sharks; the life-like shark was accepted by the great whites and became the dominant shark for three days.  Operated mechanical shark from a shark-proof cage.


  • Built Custom vehicles for stunts.

Dukes of Hazzard

  • Painted one of the original “General Lee” Dodge Chargers.  Painted many cars throughout the weekly series.  Designed and built pipe ramps for jump scenes.  Received SAG card and performed stunt driving, including jumps and crashes.

Simon and Simon

  • Located and painted ’57 Chevy convertible used in opening sequence.  Built stunt cars, stunt driving.

Rescue 911

  • Designed, built, and operated two mechanical barracudas for a re-enactment of a barracuda attack. Shot all underwater scenes with over 100 live “angry” barracudas.

The Movie “V”

  • Built stunt vehicles, props, camera mounts. Rigged truck for flip-over.


  • Built 2 dozen stunt cars in one week.


Powers of Matthew Star

·         Rigged stunt cars, built custom vans with doubles.

BJ and the Bear

  • Built custom Chevy van with identical back-up.  Used in weekly series.

Fantasy Island

  • Fabricated and painted futuristic car.  One episode.

Mork and Mindy

  • Painted Mindy’s Jeep.  Used weekly and in opening sequence.

Hardcastle & McCormack

  •   Supplied, rigged picture cars.


  • Performed driving stunts.


Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret

  • A biography filmed in my shop in El Segundo which takes viewers behind the scenes to see everything from how we built the cars for the “Fast and Furious” franchises to the companies based on several of my inventions.

World Odyssey

  • Designed and built the first underwater housing for 70mm Ultra-70 camera. Consultant for new camera system.


  • In Search of the Great White Sharks.  With Graphics Films.  Shot underwater video for IMAX film.  Designed and built underwater housing for 70mm W-4 camera.  Designed underwater lighting system.  Worked as Filming Safety Diver for four years with Great White Sharks. Built a front half of a Great White Shark for attack scenes.

Discovery Channel

  • Great White Sharks.  With John McKenny Productions.  Designed and   built an air-powered diver to test for diver safety around the sharks. Diver and robot operator.  Designed and built a “Scuba Muffler” for silent diving with Hammerhead sharks.  Shot underwater video.
  • Shark Stories and Sharks – On the Brink of Extinction.  Eddie Paul Productions. Second Unit Director and Cameraman.  Designed, built, and operated “Gut Checker” camera to look inside stomach of shark for documentary.  Also designed, built, and test lightweight plastic “Shark Suit” used by myself for documentary filming of a shark attack.

The Cousteau Society Specials

  • On Valdeze.  General work onboard including equipment modification   and design.  Worked on underwater film and video series.
  • Blue Sharks.  Diving, underwater lighting.
  • Sea Lions.  Diving, underwater lighting. Built 30 foot tripod.
  • Angel Sharks.  300-foot deep diving, underwater lighting.
  • Kelp Forest.  Diving, underwater lighting.

Eddie Paul Automotive How-To Series

  • Produced and directed a series of over twenty automotive repair and customizing videos.

Eastwood’s Instructional Video Series by Eddie Paul

  • Producing and directing a new series of automotive repair and tuner customizing videos for the Eastwood Company.


American Express

  • Supplied 32 cars, 1 bus, and road equipment; rigged all for crash.


  • Built and drove ½ scale car underwater for a commercial satire of the movie “JAWS” for the 1998 Tiburon.


  • Supplied picture cars.

Levi Strauss

  • Built and painted special props and vehicles for “gray factory”.

Canada Dry

  • Performed car stunts.

Nissan Motors

  • Built large sign to flash and explode.

Transamerica Life Insurance

  • Stunt Coordinator. Rigged King Kong to climb building, built car that was crushed by Kong’s foot.

Kodiak Boots

  • Performed driving stunts.


  • Rigged cars, performed car stunts.


  • Performed driving stunts.


  • Rigged special picture vehicles.


  • Designed and built rigging to drive “driverless” car 200 miles from inside trunk using a 6- inch video monitor to see with.

Bob’s Big Boy

  • Performed high speed driving stunts.


  • Industrial film. Stunt Coordinator. Choreographed and performed motorcycle chase, motorcycle lay-down at 70mph, transfer from bike to driverless truck.  Performed fight on roof of truck at 70mph.


  • Choreographed near-misses in a city traffic jam.  Precision driving.


Music Videos

Kanye West Music Video

  • Designed and built working version of Kanedas bike from the animated movie Akira.

Columbia Records

  • Promotional video.  Stunt Coordinator.  High speed driving and       crashes.

Randy Newman

  • I Love L.A.  Stunt Coordinator.  Supplied bikes and bikers.


  • Never.  Rigged star to jump 40 feet.

Mr. T

  • Commandments.  Stunt Coordinator.  Performed stair-fall, fights.     Thrown through window.

Twisted Sister

  • Leader of the Pack.  Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director.  Cut off roof of station wagon speeding downhill; flipped car over cliff.  Designed special harness rigging.  Taught band members to ride motorcycles.


  • Dangerous.  Stunt Coordinator.  Taught band members to ride   motorcycles.

Phil Lynott

  • 19. Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director. Choreographed        brawl in crowded bar.  Precision motorcycle driving.

Writing Credits

Ol’ Skool Rodz

  • Technical Editor & guest writer.

Design News

  • Authored the feature article for the April 2004 issue detailing the construction of the Great White Shark submarine.

The Cars of the Fast and Furious, 2Fast 2Furious

  • Authored and shot photos for “The Cars of the Fast and Furious, 2Fast 2Furious” published by Motorbooks International under license from Universal Studios documenting the construction of the “real” stars of the hit films. It has since become Motorbooks’ best selling release ever.

How to Build the Cars of the Fast and Furious

  • Authored and shot photos for the 25 projects including installing body kits and wings, installing high-end stereo and computer equipment, nitrous oxide kits, exhaust systems, applying graphic kits, selecting wheels and tires, installing underbody lighting kits, and more.                      

Skysurfing: A Guide to Hang Gliding

  • Authored the first and definitive guide to hang gliding.


Eddie Paul’s guide to Custom Painting

  • Authored and shot photos for the first of a new series of “How to” detailing how to get the perfect paint job every time.

Eddie Paul’s guide to Custom Bodywork

  • Authored and shot photos for the second book in a series of “How to” books revealing many tricks of the trade used by fabricators and customizers in my shop.

Eddie Paul’s guide to Building the Ultimate Chopper

  • Authored a definitive manual on motorcycle construction and customization from the ground up.

Monster Garage’s How to Fabricate Damn near Anything

  • Co-authored and shot photos for a chapter on the construction of the   Great White Shark submarine.


  • Maintain online web show and web site titled DeadlineTV.
  • Designed award-winning tools for the Eastwood Company including; the Pneumatic Planishing Hammer and the bench-top English Wheel which won the 2004 Automotive Restoration Market Organization People’s Choice Award.
  • Toured the Motor Trend Car circuit as a judge.
  • Underwater diving, filming, and equipment manufacturing.
  • Deep sea and shark diving.
  • Licensed firearms and weapons training.
  • Pyrotechnics, explosives, electronics, optics.
  • Hang-gliding / Ultra light construction and operation.
  • Automobile, truck, motorcycle, and heavy machinery sourcing, modifying, and operating.
  • Licensed aircraft pilot SEL.
  • Boat and watercraft operation.
  • Own fabrication facilities.
  • Own production company
  • Author of several successful books and dozens of magazine articles.
  • Secret clearance with DoD.
  • 1980 rode a Harley Davidson from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with no hands, trip took 5 hours 10 minutes and was 286 miles.